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Villeroy & Boch DIRECTFLUSH – Rimless cleanliness

DirectFlush toilets do not have a flushing rim like conventional toilets. This avoids the presence of residues that promote the proliferation of bacteria in poorly accessible areas and the associated odours. At the same time, the toilet is much easier to clean. The absence of a flushing rim allows the entire surface of the pan to be accessible during flushing and no residue can accumulate. Also, the water flow has been adjusted so that there are no splashes: cleanliness guaranteed!


DirectFlush toilets are available in various Villeroy & Boch series with an attractive and timeless design. Thus, it fits perfectly into any bathroom and is suitable for both new construction and refurbishing.

The innovative rinsing system allows the inner pan to be rinsed thoroughly and ensures residue-free cleanliness. The precise, splash-free water flow reaches the toilet bowl right down to below the rim. As there is no rinsing rim but only an apron in the toilet bowl, cleaning can be carried out easily and without residues, because there are no inaccessible areas. Odour and dirt do not stand a chance, even after years.

The ideal water flow not only contributes to improved cleaning performance but also saves water with only 3 or 4.5 l of rinsing volume at maximum rinsing power.

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