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We all know how much our daily life is dependent on the kitchen. Be it for grabbing a snack or cooking a quick meal. The one common thing for every use is the kitchen sink. From quickly washing vegetables to washing dishes and filling pots, our life is incomplete without a kitchen sink.

As kitchen sinks have become such an integral part of our lifestyle, it becomes important to understand the different types of kitchen sinks available in the market. Buying a kitchen sinks Singapore can be a task with constantly upgrading models and technology. At the xTWOstore, we have partnered with global brands to bring you only the best from the market. We deliver the promise right into your home without any middlemen. So, if you are wondering where to buy kitchen sink in Singapore, here is your answer.

Before you make a purchase, let us take you through a quick blog with everything you need to know about a kitchen sink Singapore. >> Learn more in our kitchen sink buying guide


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If you are wondering, the answer to this is simple; you are mistaken. Kitchen sinks today are no more just a space for washing your dishes or hands. Instead, they have become a multipurpose station station integral to your cooking process.

A modern kitchen sink Singapore has draining boards that double as your cutting board and taps that work without touch. The new draining system will ensure you never have to dip your hands in dirty water again. Therefore, while buying a kitchen sink Singapore, first asses why you need a kitchen sink and what purpose it has to serve in your new home. If you are still wondering where to buy kitchen sink in Singapore, click here.


Stainless steel kitchen sinks: The most popular among customers because stainless steel kitchen sinks are light, simple to install, resistant to corrosion and thermal shock, antimicrobial, and flexible enough to absorb shocks. No matter what style your kitchen is, it is an all-rounder thanks to its lovely shining appearance. However, over time it can develop scratches and hence requires timely maintenance. Make sure to wipe off the limescale and fingerprints regularly, use soft cleaning liquids and a sponge, and your stainless kitchen sink will shine like a diamond for years to come. Check out the GROHE range of stainless steel kitchen sinks here.

Ceramic kitchen sinks: Stains, chemicals, and thermal shock cannot harm ceramic or stoneware kitchen sinks. They are incredibly simple to maintain and come in a variety of colours to choose from. Various types of coating are available to enhance the ceramic qualities, including coatings that boost impact resistance, enhance hygiene, and cause water to bead on surfaces. However, one drawback with ceramic or stoneware sinks is that they may crack or break when colliding with a large pointy object. Ceramic sinks are best for those with a separate utility area for washing their dishes.

Composite kitchen sinks: Composite sinks are gaining much popularity among homeowners off-late. This material which is a fusion technology, is available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colours. Composite kitchen sinks are robust, easy to maintain, and resistant to scratches and heat. Apart from all this, they are visually appealing and can make your new kitchen a modern kitchen.

Granite kitchen sinks: Granite kitchen sinks are highly hygienic due to their smooth surface, making them a good choice for your new home. The substance resists stains and is both food-safe and dirt-resistant. However, when handling delicate items, you must exercise caution. When in touch with the sink, they can easily break due to the material's extreme hardness and lack of resilience. Granite sinks come in a variety of colours to match any kitchen.


As mentioned earlier, kitchen sinks serve a different purpose for different people. With several options in sizes and colours, make sure you know what type of kitchen sink you are looking for. There are mainly three types of kitchen sinks, 


The main features you have to look for in a kitchen sink before purchasing are: 

  • The material used is of high quality 

  • They fit your kitchen size/countertop

  • They are scratch proof

  • They are enamel coate

  • The enamel is food-grade safe

  • The colour doesn't fade over time

At the xTWOstore, every kitchen sink Singapore promises you the above features and much more. Kitchen sinks come in various shapes, sizes, configurations and materials. So, make sure to browse the entire site before you make a decision. 

Lastly, while selecting your kitchen sink Singapore, select suitable accessories that will enhance your cooking experience. Choose taps from our vast collection that will complete the whole look. We hope we have addressed all your queries on kitchen sinks and have answered your question about where to buy kitchen sink in Singapore.

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