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Discover the Ultimate in Luxurious Showering with Ideal Standard Exposed Shower Systems  

Ideal Standard, a trailblazer in sanitary solutions, has consistently delivered top-quality bathroom accessories that stand the test of time. Among its extensive range, Ideal Standard's exposed shower sets take center stage, offering a perfect blend of functionality, safety, and aesthetics for any bathroom.  

Modern Innovation with Ideal Standard Exposed Shower Set 

Embrace modern innovation with the Ideal Standard exposed shower system, featuring a thermostatic mixer, a shower head, and a hand shower that redefine your shower experience.  

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Thermostatic Mixer: Precise Temperature Control and Safety  

Ensure precise water temperature regulation and eliminate the risk of scalding with the Ideal Standard thermostatic mixer. The Cool Body technology keeps the mixer's body cool to the touch, even with water rushing at full force. Additional safety features include a temperature safety button to prevent accidental changes in water temperature.  

Shower Head: Water Conservation and Effortless Maintenance  

Conserve water and enhance your experience with the flow regulator delivering an optimal 12 liters per minute. Ideal Standard AntiCalk technology ensures effortless maintenance, as limescale is easily wiped away from the silicone nozzles.  

Hand Shower: Indulge in Three Distinct Spray Patterns  

Elevate your shower routine with three distinct spray patterns. Ideal Standard Heavy Rain provides an invigorating jet for deep cleansing, Ideal Standard Massage offers rejuvenation, and Ideal Standard Rain delivers pure drops of joy. With an efficient flow regulator of 8 liters per minute, water and energy conservation are seamlessly integrated.  

Benefits of Choosing Ideal Standard Exposed Shower System  

Luxurious Showering Experience  

Immerse yourself in true luxury with features like thermostatic temperature control, multiple spray patterns, and precise hand spray control designed to elevate your daily showers.  

Easy-to-Use and Maintain  

Installation is a breeze with the user-friendly design, and smooth surfaces make cleaning effortless. With a 5-year guarantee from Ideal Standard, your investment is protected, providing peace of mind.  

Versatile and Stylish  

Ideal Standard's exposed shower system comes in various finishes to effortlessly match any bathroom décor. Its flexible installation options cater to diverse bathroom layouts flawlessly.  

Ready to Bring Ultimate Luxury into Your Bathroom?  

Look no further than xTWOstore! Explore their wide selection of quality bathroom accessories today, take advantage of the best prices available, and turn your daily showers into blissful experiences with the Ideal Standard exposed shower system – because you deserve nothing but the best! Elevate your bathroom, elevate your life. 

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