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One of the most well-known shower system manufacturers, Hansgrohe also manufactures washbasins, bathtubs, hand showers, and bathroom accessories in addition to its kitchen options. Discover this page to find a wide range of kitchen and bathroom accessories and fixtures from Hansgrohe.

In addition, this website contains information on all of Hansgrohe's latest product releases and updates. We also offer regular deals and discounts to help you save money. >>Read more


If beautiful designs, smart technology and cost effectiveness appeals to you, hansgrohe bathroom and kitchen products will surely stun you. At xTWOstore Hansgrohe Singapore, you will find a wide range of hansgrohe products at an affordable price. Explore our extensive collection and shop for:

Hansgrohe basin taps

Hansgrohe shower sets

Bathtub taps

Bidet taps

Bathroom accessories like toilet roll holder, soap dispensers, towel bars

Kitchen sinks

Hansgrohe Kitchen sink taps

Kitchen accessories

Besides, Hansgrohe also manufactures installation accessories such as waste fittings, concealed units, and plumbing fixtures.

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Whether you want to upgrade a hand shower or install a comprehensive shower set, Hansgrohe offers high-quality items. Many new shower set technologies, such as different types of jets: Hansgrohe Rain Air or the Hansgrohe Whirl Air, offer a pleasant feeling on the skin.

Thermostatic fitting with safety lock items is also recommended for kids and families. This technology safeguards you from inadvertently setting a too-hot water temperature. Many additional ingenious features for comfort and bathing enjoyment make Hansgrohe devices indispensable in the bathroom. Allow yourself to be enticed by the very finest! View what’s available with us.

Not just the showers, Hansgrohe also offers an array of other bathroom fittings. Hansgrohe basin taps, single lever basin taps, pillar taps, wall-mounted basin taps, electronic basin taps, bathtubs, are some of the popular bathroom product lines of Hansgrohe.


The kitchen is the soul of the home, blending together convenience and elegance. If you are searching for the ideal elements to create a trendy kitchen that not only makes your life easier, but also allows you to genuinely embrace the current culinary trend? Hansgrohe provides useful, timeless beauty, and high-quality goods for the heart of the home.

At xTWOstore Hansgrohe Singapore online store, we have a wide collection of hansgrohe kitchen products such as Hansgrohe kitchen sink taps, kitchen sinks, kitchen sinks with drainer, sophisticated sinks, double kitchen sinks, and undercounter kitchen sinks.

To complete the look of trendy kitchen, we also have Hansgrohe kitchen taps, single lever kitchen taps, wall-mounted kitchen taps, low-pressure kitchen taps, electronic kitchen taps and more. Shop for the complete Hansgrohe kitchen collection.

To make your time in the kitchen more smooth and easy, we also carry Hansgrohe kitchen accessories such as waste bins, chopping boards, bottles and glassesfilters, and more.


"Quality is based on the fact that it is the customer who returns - not the product," says Hansgrohe, it is how the company operates. Hansgrohe has earned the reputation for quality, sustainable environment, job safety, and technology innovation for decades. They support environmental projects, for example, and have a recyclability of 90%.

Hansgrohe is the umbrella brand for several other brands that offers quality products designed for your home and commercial space.

Here are the associated brands of Hansgrohe:

  • Hansgrohe: The Hansgrohe brand is widely recognized for its fittings and sprinklers.

  • Axor: Axor is known for its unique and remarkable design. Check out our Axor-website.

  • Pharo: Pharo is a really soothing haven, and its whirlpools and showers sets are highly recommended.

  • Pontos: Hansgrohe created a one-of-a-kind system called Pontos. It is possible to recycle waste water.


Hans Grohe, a former drapery worker, launched the firm in 1901 and has since committed himself solely to the sanitary sector. In the twentieth century, what began as a three-man operation grew into a multinational corporation.

Always forward-thinking, Hansgrohe accompanied and supported the development of the private bathroom, and even at the age of 82, he designed the shower rod, which enabled the shower to be fixed at various heights.

Hans Grohe's sons and now grandkids carry on the family business. Hansgrohe employs around 3.800 people and exports its goods to 134 countries from its headquarters in Schiltach in the Black Forest and other sites around the world.

Hansgrohe, as one of the top manufacturers in the bathroom industry, represents outstanding quality and appealing design. More than 400 international honors, including the German design award and, most recently, the architects darling award in the "Sanitary Objects and Accessories" class, speak in a clear language and demonstrate where the trip leads: forward.

However, the business has also pledged to create new technologies and other innovations targeted at boosting bathing experience and environmental friendliness. Hansgrohe, for instance, introduced inventions such as "Select," which enable shower heads and fittings to be activated with a single touch of a button, "EcoSmart," which uses up to 60% less water, "AirPower," which admixes air to water, and much more.


In addition, the company is devoted to the creation of new technologies and future advancements to improve bath comfort and environmental friendliness. Hansgrohe, for example, introduced the following innovations and technologies:


Hansgrohe Select

Hansgrohe Select

Select: With the Select function, you can operate your showers and fittings at the touch of a button. Switch between hand and overhead shower, change the spray mode or stop the water. Since 2009, Hansgrohe has been developing more and more Select products to simplify the operation of the valves. The longevity of this function has been tested in sophisticated tests.

Hansgrohe CoolStart

Hansgrohe CoolStart

CoolStart: In the CoolStart technology, the center position of the handle is set to automatically flow cold water. It is not, as with regular taps, immediately added hot water. So if you just want to tap cold water, you save energy. If you want warm water, move the lever to the left. An example for this is the single-lever mixer Metris.

Hansgrohe EcoSmart

Hansgrohe EcoSmart

EcoSmart: The faucets and showers, which are equipped with EcoSmart technology, consume up to 60% less water. This is done by means of a flow restriction, special jet nozzles and the addition of air. The hand shower Crometta 85 green consumes so for example only 6 l / min. Even pressure differences in the water pipe easily compensates for this system. The precision O-ring regulates the amount of water depending on the pressure.

Hansgrohe AirPower

Hansgrohe AirPower

AirPower: AirPower technology adds air to the water. This has two beneficial effects: you save water and showering becomes even more pleasant under the velvety soft water and increases your well-being. An example of such a shower is the Raindance Select S hand shower.

Hansgrohe ComfortZone

Hansgrohe ComfortZone

ComfortZone: Hansgrohe offers faucets in different sizes for different requirements. If you want to wash your hair more often in the washbasin, for example, or if you need more space in the kitchen for filling containers, we recommend a higher mixer. Hansgrohe offers the right choice for every need.

Hansgrohe XXLPerformance

Hansgrohe XXLPerformance

XXLPerformance: Hansgrohe offers showerheads in XXL format like the Axor Starck ShowerHeaven. These have a diameter of up to 60 cm. Let yourself be enveloped by the soothing rain and relax before or after a stressful day at work. In combination with the EcoSmart technology also your bank account stays relaxed.

Hansgrohe QuickClean

Hansgrohe QuickClean

QuickClean: Thanks to the QuickClean technology, your showers will last longer. Rub limescale simply from the elastic silicone nubs of the jet nozzles and the aerator. Your shower jet remains constantly beautiful and the water flows evenly.

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