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Wall-Mounted Toilets

Wall-Mounted Toilets from GROHE


Create A Modern SpacEeWith Top Grohe Wall Mounted Toilets in Singapore

Create a modern and sleek space in Singapore with top-of-the-line Grohe wall mounted toilets. Wall hung toilet bowls have become increasingly popular due to their space-saving design and contemporary aesthetics. Opting for a wall mounted toilet allows you to free up floor space, making your bathroom appear more spacious and streamlined.  Grohe, a renowned brand in the sanitary industry, offers a wide range of high-quality wall mounted toilets that combine style, functionality, and durability. Their wall hung toilets are designed with precision engineering and innovative features to provide a comfortable and hygienic bathroom experience. Shop now at xTWOstore for the best toilet bowl price Singapore  

When considering wall hung toilet bowl price in Singapore, Grohe offers competitive options catering to various budget ranges without compromising quality. With Grohe's wall mounted toilet bowl, you can transform your bathroom into a modern oasis.  

 Whether renovating your home or designing a new bathroom, explore the extensive range of Grohe toilet bowls in Singapore to find the perfect wall mounted option that suits your style and preferences. >>Read more.


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  1. Bau Ceramic

  2. Cube Ceramic

  3. Essence

  4. Euro Ceramic


Grohe's wall hung toilet bowls offer a range of superior features, making them a top choice for modern bathrooms in Singapore. These innovative fixtures combine functionality, aesthetics, and durability to provide an exceptional bathroom experience.  

Space Saving: The wall hung design of Grohe's toilets saves valuable floor space and adds a sleek and contemporary look to any bathroom. In addition, the concealed cistern and flush mechanism are cleverly hidden behind the wall, giving the toilet a clean and minimalist appearance.  

 Superior Flushing Systems: Grohe's wall mounted toilet bowl also boasts advanced flushing systems that ensure efficient and effective waste removal while minimizing water consumption. In addition, many models feature dual flush options, allowing you to choose between a partial flush for liquid waste and a full flush for solid waste. This water-saving feature is environmentally friendly and helps reduce water bills in the long run.  

A Hygienic Solution: Additionally, Grohe prioritizes hygiene with their wall hung toilet bowls. The rimless design eliminates hidden areas where bacteria and dirt can accumulate, making cleaning more accessible and more thorough. Some models even come with antibacterial coatings that inhibit the growth of bacteria, ensuring a hygienic and germ-free environment.  

 Long Lasting at Best Prices: When considering toilet bowl price Singapore, Grohe offers different options to suit different needs. With their reputation for quality and reliability, investing in a Grohe wall hung toilet bowl ensures long-lasting performance and satisfaction.  


  • Bau Ceramic

This GROHE Bau Ceramic wall mounted  toilet line offers rimless functions, avant-garde impressions, and fashionable appearances. It is the ideal option for people who want to remodel their bathrooms.

  • Cube Ceramic

The GROHE Cube Ceramic wall mounted toilet line delivers excellent performance and is stylishly appropriate. It is perfect for both classic and modern bathrooms because it depicts geometric lines.

  • Essence

The rimless GROHE Essence wall mounted toilet bowls are a refinement of taste and aesthetic appeal. This toilet line is effortlessly fashionable and has PureGuard for the most hygienic and clean feeling.

  • Euro Ceramic

The GROHE Euro Ceramic wall mounted toilets are perfect for contemporary bathroom decor. They combine functionality and aesthetics. Additionally, it keeps the bathroom floor spotless and adds to the room's impression of space.

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How to Install Wall Mounted Toilet Bowl 

Installing a Grohe wall mounted toilet bowl in Singapore is a relatively simple process that requires a few essential steps:  

  • Gather the necessary tools and materials, including a drill, level, measuring tape, wrench, screwdriver, and the provided installation kit.  
  • Prepare the wall by ensuring its sturdiness and identifying the locations of the water supply and drain lines. Install the concealed cistern according to the manufacturer's instructions, securing it inside the wall. Attach the wall carrier frame using screws and brackets, ensuring it is level and secure.  
  • Place the rubber gasket or seal onto the carrier frame's mounting bolts and carefully align the wall hung bowl, pressing it firmly onto the gasket for a watertight seal.  
  • Secure the wall hung toilet using the provided nuts, ensuring they are tightened evenly. Next, connect the water supply line to the fill valve and test the installation for leaks and functionality.  

 If you need more clarification, it is advisable to consult a professional plumber to ensure a proper and hassle-free installation. Visit xTWOstore for the best toilet blow price Singapore has to offer.


GROHE is a well-known brand when it comes to the design and production of kitchen and bathroom products such as the wall mounted toilets. Nearing a century old, GROHE is today associated with innovation, luxury, quality, and sustainability. The high-tech design and engineering the company heavily invests in are primarily responsible for the utmost excellence it offers across its whole range of faucets and kitchen and bathroom accessories.

The German company, well-known for its technologically enabled inventions, is one step ahead of its rivals and has the most nuanced understanding of what customers want.

This has enabled them to produce cutting-edge goods with appealing looks and great functionality.

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