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GROHE EcoJoy verringert den Wasserverbrauch deutlich: bei Brausen um bis zu 68 Prozent. Die Technologie beschränkt den Durchfluss auf bis zu 5,8 Liter pro Minute. Der Komfort bleibt dabei gleich. Bei Waschtischarmaturen um bis zu 50%. Aber Sie sparen nicht nur Wasser, sondern auch Energie. Denn ein reduzierter Wasserverbrauch bedeutet auch, dass weniger Wasser erwärmt werden muss. Wenn Sie sich also für Produkte mit GROHE EcoJoy entscheiden, schonen Sie die Umwelt und Ihren Geldbeutel.

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GROHE EcoJoy technology is all about saving water without your compromising on your experience at kitchen or bathroom. The new selection of GROHE EcoJoy products features integrated water-saving technologies that restricts the water flow rate, giving you the freedom to reduce the water and energy consumption. This you can do without compromising on aesthetic of the designs or your comfort.

But how is this achievable?

GROHE products are backed by state-of-the-art technology where innovation and craftsmanship is just unbeatable. For instance, GROHE kitchen taps and basin taps, are equipped with integrated flow limiter and an Eco button which lets you limit the flow of water whenever you feel the need.

An aerator and flow-limiting mousseur are included in the features of this single-lever basin mixer that reduces water consumption without compromising user experience. It is equipped with a temperature limiter to meet your requirements. The design, shape, and features of this mixer make it a perfect addition to any bathroom.


GROHE has a long list of water-efficient fixtures, of which the most widely used and most popular ones are the GROHE water-saving taps. The GROHE Eurosmart Cosmopolitan is a tap range that has a flow limited in it to keep control of the water flow. This range of water-saving taps alone saves up to 50–70% of water.

Not just that, you need not compromise on the design aspect either. These taps offer great comfort for the user, and the GROHE StarLight technology makes it easy for you to clean and maintain it.

GROHE EcoJoy also offers a wide range of water-saving taps for basins. Stylish looks, a sturdy body, and powerful innovation make these water-saving faucets one of a kind. Basin taps such as GROHE BauEdge, GROHE Concetto, GROHE Eurodisc Joy, or Eurosmart are designed keeping in mind your lifestyle and requirements for your home.

GROHE also flaunts water-efficient taps and showers in its bathroom collection. Manufactured using the finest materials and industry-leading technology, the water-efficient shower heads are also powered by GROHE EcoJoy. The GROHE Euphoria Cosmopolitan shower set has a perfect appearance and will provide you with the best showering experience.

Shower systems such as GROHE Euphoria Cosmopolitan, GROHE Euphoria, and GROHE Grohtherm come with an exposed style of installation. Another good feature about these shower systems is that they are equipped with GROHE SpeedClean, which removes limescale with just a simple wipe of the fingers.

GROHE also features water-saving bathtub taps that work perfectly with the GROHE bathtubs. Bathtub mixers such asGROHE Concetto, Essence, Atrio, or Eurocube are available with up to five holes in rim-mounted style. All of these models are backed by GROHE EcoJoy.


Comfortable showers have become an indispensable part of our daily lives, and thermostats play a major role. GROHE thermostats are backed by GROHE EcoJoy technology. It is not just any thermostat, but something that understands the sensitivity of your skin and the overall aesthetic of your bathroom’s interior. The GROHE thermostats are also equipped with the advanced GROHE TurboStat, which provides the correct temperature within seconds and keeps it constant even when other members of the family are using the faucets.

GROHE's latest offerings include the Grohtherm 1000 Cosmopolitan,Grohtherm 2000, and Grohtherm Cube. These thermostats are super quick at heating the water but are also super gentle and are safe to be installed in houses with kids – they have GROHE SafeStop that allows you to set a maximum temperature of 38 °C to prevent scalding.

Explore our entire page to learn more and shop our EcoJoy products by GROHE.

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