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GROHE Soap Dispensers - Practical and chic

Soap is an essential element to wash your hands and maintain good hygiene at each visit to the bathroom. Therefore, each one having a bathroom should think about how he prefers to use the soap and which possibilities they are. The advantage of liquid soap is that it can be sprayed precisely where you need it. Finally, unlike solid soaps, which swell with water and dissolve into pieces, a GROHE soap dispenser always looks chic.

Why GROHE soap dispensers are a good choice

With GROHE, you have the choice between soap dispensers with or without StarLight coating. The latter ensures that the surface retains its shine and that cleaning is easy- removing soap residue is done in an instant. This option should be considered if you have children who are sometimes a little clumsy. GROHE soap dispensers are available in different sizes and are generally made of glass and metal. Several models of GROHE soap dispensers are available: square or round and in different colours. GROHE offers a wide range of accessories from its design series. It is therefore easy to combine several accessories from the same series and obtain a uniform style that is full of harmony. If you want to know more, click here.


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The ideal soap dispenser for you

To use liquid soap, you can simply place a plastic soap dispenser on your sink. Unfortunately, every time you buy a new liquid soap, plastic waste is generated, so this purchase decision is by no means an environmental one. It is better to buy larger volumes of liquid soap and use a durable GROHE soap dispenser. Moreover, these plastic dispensers are not very decorative and rarely match your bathroom. Therefore, it is more pleasant for the environment and your eyes to have a soap dispenser near the sink, which can be recharged if necessary and which matches the design of your bathroom and adapts harmoniously to other accessories.

Do you prefer a wall-mounted soap dispenser or a dispenser placed on the sink? A tabletop soap dispenser can be moved as needed, while a wall-mounted soap dispenser saves space. The wall-mounted dispensers are fixed to the wall with concealed fasteners. GROHE offers both versions.

Here you will find soap dispensers from other manufacturers.

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