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Sensia Arena

Grohe Senisa Arena Dusch WC


For a long time, there were shower-WCs only in Asian countries. By now they are becoming increasingly popular in Europe and particularly in Germany. This is not surprising because shower toilets are very hygienic and comfortable. The shower-WCs, a further development of bidet and toilet, are space-saving and have state-of-the-art technology. With Sensia Arena, Grohe has developed a shower-WC, which really deserves the term ‘innovation’. By simple handling and a lot of comfort and technology, Grohe Sensia Arena offers you a unique feeling of well-being and pure enjoyment – and all that with state-of-the-art technology and esthetic design.


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The design of the Sensia-Arena shower-WC is filigree and enmeshed in the modern technology and it glints pure elegance in the hole bathroom. The soft curves of the shower WC with rounded edges and flattened thermosetting plastic lit makes the shower toilet look futuristic. The shower toilet is fixed on the wall and thereby looks as if it were flying. This effect is increased by the nightlight which illuminates the toilet like a corona. The simple design immediately ties in with the functionality because the handling of Sensia Arena is intuitive and easy.

In addition to the extravagant look, the shower toilet is particularly impressive, because of the many functions it comes of which leaves nothing to be desired. Grohe focuses on the following three main points of daily use of a toilet: perfect skin care, personal comfort and ultimate hygienic cleanliness.

Dusch WC Sensia Arena Nachtlicht


Instead of toilet paper, you get cleaned by water (of course you can use toilet paper too). You can choose between different types of beams, which not only clean you but also can give you a massage.

The shower toilet Grohe Sensia Arena has two separate twin spray arms which have different functions. While one shower arm is especially used as a lady shower for the female intimate area, the other shower arm is mainly used for the perfect and thorough cleaning of the intimate area. Here you can choose the normal jet, and the area will get cleaned thoroughly. Or, if you want a gentle cleaning, you can choose the soft shower. The soft one is not as strong as the normal one but even cleans as good as the normal one. Also, a combination of both jets is possible: with the massage jet. The jet changes between both jets and you get a soothing pulsating massage effect. The last option is the oscillating jet. If you have this configuration the spray head moves forward and backward. Thereby you can choose one of the two speed steps. The oscillating jet increases your cleanness and your freshness.

Dusch WC Sensia Arena Dusche Dusch WC Sensia Arena WC-Sitz


Hygiene gets more and more important in our everyday life. Because more hygienic means more protection from germinal and bacteria and is better for your health. Especially in the bathroom you set value on a clean surrounding. But the bathroom shouldn´t have a sterile look, but even should give you relaxation like your living room. Trust in Grohe Sensia Arena, the ultimate hygiene toilet. This shower toilet offers you protection from dirt and bacteria and it not only cleans you, but also itself. The hygienic standard is maintained by various characteristics and functions:


This glaze prevents 99.9% of the bacteria growth. This keeps your ceramic clean and germ-free for 100 years. The explanation for this long stability and cleanliness is very simple. The glaze is applied to the toilet by a burning process, hardens and gets its necessary stability.


In addition to the hyperclean glaze, the ceramic makes a clean thing out of the shower-WC in double view. With Aquaceramic glaze, the smooth layer makes calcification or dirt no chance to stick to the toilet. This promises you one for sure after each rinsing process: a clean surface.

Triple Vortex

Thoroughly rinsing is just as important as hygiene, because by a strong vortex and high suction power, the most stubborn residues in the corners of the toilet are washed away. Triple vortex ensures a thorough cleaning of your toilet during rinsing. Pure cleanliness is achieved through three water outlets generating the strong vortex that will keep the ceramic surface fresh and clean inside. 

Rimless toilet bowl

Under the toilet rim there is a paradise for bacteria, dirt and germinal. Even with a toilet brush you cannot guarantee a high hygienic standard. That’s why the shower toilet is rimless because when there is no rim there is no hiding place for bacteria. The inside of your toilet gets cleaned very thoroughly and don’t worry, nothing can spurt out.

Antibacterial to 99,9%

Both spray arms are automatically cleaned before and after each use. Also, both spray arms are protected inside the toilet with an anti-bacterial nozzle cover. This allows you to use the toilet without any worry about bacteria. Also, the aperture, which protects the spray arms, has the antibacterial glaze. Another important factor to note is that the spray arms (and spray heads) can be easily replaced. Just like the easily removable toilet lid. Through special hinges the cleaning of the toilet is like a children's play. Just remove the cover, clean it and reinstall it.


Humans are creatures of habits. Once accustomed to so much hygiene and comfort, you do not want to do without it. And the nice thing is that you do not have to. Once you have found the perfect settings and the perfect comfort zone, you can always use them again and again. You can save different user settings and recall them every time when you use the toilet. You can control the shower toilet with the remote control and you have access to all functions. Or you can use the side control panel and you have access to all the basic functions. The third and last option is to control your shower toilet with your smartphone. With your smartphone you have full access to the settings and you can save your personal settings via Grohe Sensia Arena App.

The automatic seat is very useful as well. If you want to use the shower toilet a sensor detects your presence and the toilet seat lid opens automatically or the seat lid closes, if you walk away. At the moment you move away from the toilet a sensor-controlled flush starts. The seat and the lid have a soft-closing mechanism.

With the Odour absorption you don’t have worries about the smells at your bathroom. An airshield is keeping odours in the bowl and filters the air.

After you enjoyed the perfect skin care with the sprays, you can enjoy the warm air dryer. So, you are completely clean and dry! It completely removes wiping with toilet paper – good for you and the environment too.

Maybe you have go to toilet in the middle of the night – no problem. The soft nightlight shows you the way to your shower toilet – the cleanest place in your home.

So, everything is ready for your comfortable experience.

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