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Thermostats (exposed)

GROHE Exposed Thermostats

GROHE Energy-efficient Exposed Thermostats for Bathrooms

The exposed thermostats from GROHE are ideal for even the cosiest bathrooms 

Your desired blend of hot and cold water should not be compromised, especially when the weather outside is not that pleasant. A thermostat can save you all the hassle. With GROHE's thermostats, you won't suffer from any unpleasant cold shock or scalding. The best part is that its energy-efficient technology saves water and energy as compared to any other traditional method. >>Read more

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GROHE's Exposed Thermostat for Shower and Bathtubs

Give your bathroom a world-class comfort with GROHE's exposed thermostats

A bathroom plan in your mind, but not sure which thermostat will go with your bathroom accessories? GROHE's exposed thermostats for showers and bathtubs are a feasible way to get that perfect temperature while you bathe along with maintaining the aesthetics.

The exposed thermostats range from GROHE are backed by advanced technology that makes them compatible with hand showers, side showers, overhead showers, and jet showers. It controls the water flow and is designed to attach to the wall. As the name suggests, the exposed thermostats are installed inside the wall with just the shower control and showerhead visible. 

At xTWOstore, we understand the value attached to every small and big project of yours, which is why we bring you the latest series of GROHE's exposed thermostats to complete all your modern bathroom ideas, available in 1 to 3 outlets.

Benefits of GROHE Exposed Thermostats

The GROHE Exposed Thermostats is not just appealing to look at but comes with a lot of advantages

Do you want to be creative with your bathroom but don't want major wall tear-ups? Extensive bathroom renovation work can be tiring and expensive. The best option is to select the best no-fuss exposed thermostatic product for your bathroom. GROHE's exposed thermostatic mixers and shower systems will make your bathroom both visually enriching and high-tech. Not just that, it will also quickly transform showers and bathtubs into an ideal bathing space, just like your personal spa.

The exposed thermostats have several advantages over the closed models. First, the ease of maintenance. This frees you of the dismantling issue when thinking of an upgrade or deciding to move out to a new apartment.

The GROHE exposed thermostats save water resources: installing an exposed thermostat is, in fact, very easy and fast. With the GROHE exposed thermostats, it is possible to save water and save money on the electricity bill. It also automatically adjusts the water temperature based on the sensor that detects and keeps the temperature constant.

It's seamless and easy to install: the classic installation of GROHE exposed thermostats adds life to any bathroom. Whether you enjoy the luxury of your own home or relax in the space of your apartment, the GROHE exposed thermostats are easy to install, and the upgrade is worth implementing.

GROHE's exposed thermostatic mixers are safe for both showers and bathtubs. They are technically complex inner workings, preventing you from unpleasant fluctuations in the temperature. Complete the look of your bathroom with elegant bathroom taps and accessories.

GROHE Exposed Thermostats - a World of Options

GROHE exposed thermostats come with many options; you are sure to find your match

One of the advantages of exposed thermostats is that they are available in a wide range of options and are affordable to meet your budget. 

The GROHE exposed thermostats are available in a wide range of series: Grohtherm 1000 Cosmopolitan, Grohtherm 1000, Grohtherm 2000, Grohtherm 800, Grohtherm SmartControl, Grohtherm XL, Rainshower SmartControl, and more. 

Attractive Colours to Blend into Your Dream Bathroom

Adorning your bathroom is easy now with GROHE Exposed Thermostats

GROHE brings you exposed thermostats' colours to match your bathroom and bathroom accessories set. The spectrum of colours ranges from chrome, brushed cool sunrise, hard graphite, brushed hard graphite, supersteel, moon white, and more.

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