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Electronic Kitchen Taps

Electronic Kitchen Taps from GROHE

GROHE touch-activated electronic kitchen tap

Behind the stove with fingers coated with dough, you are suddenly looking for a family member to turn on the tap because you want to avoid a complete cleaning of the faucet, but no one is there? All this could be a thing of the past because GROHE has found a solution that will inspire you: the touch-activated electronic tap. By touching the sensor with your wrist or forearm, you can turn it on and off again. This does not only prevent dirty finger marks on your faucet, but also improves the overall hygiene in your kitchen. Many models feature the "FootControl" which allows you to activate the tap with your foot. GROHE electronic sink faucets are all single-lever mixers made of brass. They are available in various metallic colours with a matt or glossy finish. For more information, click here.

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GROHE electronic kitchen taps are mounted directly on the sink. They are usually equipped with a backflow preventer and an adjustable flow limiter. The latter is not included in the Essence FootControl models. In addition, they all have a pull-out spray and a 360° swivel spout, which makes it easier to rinse the pans or the sink. For optimal use, GROHE electronic kitchen faucets feature innovative technologies. The StarLight coating protects the surface of the mixers to keep their shine for a prolonged time, to prevent scratches and to make them easier to clean. SpeedClean technology uses flexible silicone nozzles. Thus, limescale can be removed by wiping them with the tip of a finger. The SilkMove cartridge ensures smooth operation of the lever enabling a precise and easy adjustment of the water temperature and pressure. Thanks to an insulated water supply, kitchen mixers with GROHE Zero technology warrant that water does not come in contact with lead or nickel. Finally, models with QuickFix Plus take half the time to install. Few spare parts and flexible connections make it possible.

Note that not all models have all the technologies presented above. Feel free to consult the product sheet of your favourite electronic sink faucet to obtain a list of its features.

The design series combined with electronic kitchen fittings

GROHE offers its electronic sink faucets with touch activation at the spout in two series that will seduce you: Zedra Touch and Minta Touch. The Zedra series has an A-shaped spout and an ergonomic lever. Elegant and functional, it is equipped with the EasyTouch technology. The Minta series has a minimalist cylindrical shape. You can choose between a C-shaped or L-shaped spout. With its EasyTouch technology, it instantly reacts to the slightest touch, letting you turn it on and off without leaving a mark. 

GROHE FootControl models are available in two series: the Essence series and the sophisticated K7 series. First of all, foot activation allows you to clean dishes, wash your hands or carry a heavy saucepan without stopping your tasks to turn the tap on. The Essence series has a cylindrical base on which an L-shaped spout is built. This fitting fits perfectly into all modern kitchens. When the pull-out spray is used at high flow rates, two types of sprays are available for optimal control.

With GROHE K7 FootControl electronic kitchen tap, it is easier than ever to fill large pans, clean the sink and kitchen countertop. With a medium-high spout and a swivel range of 140°, as well as a professional pull-out spray that can be swivelled 360°, it offers a broad cleaning range.

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