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Bathroom shower set Singapore offers, including those offered by Grohe in Singapore, provide a range The Grohe Blue Kitchen Faucet is a revolutionary addition to the modern kitchen, bringing style, functionality, and innovation to the heart of your home. This cutting-edge Grohe kitchen faucet, available in Singapore and beyond, combines the timeless elegance of Grohe's design with the convenience of advanced water filtration technology. 

As a renowned leader in kitchen fixtures, Grohe has created a masterpiece with the Grohe Blue Kitchen Faucet. This kitchen sink faucet provides a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic to your kitchen sink and delivers filtered, chilled, and even sparkling water at your fingertips. Say goodbye to the hassle of bottled water and enjoy the purest and most refreshing drinking water directly from your tap.   

The Grohe Blue kitchen faucet Singapore offers, has gained immense popularity among homeowners seeking a high-quality and stylish solution for their kitchens. It's user-friendly design and intuitive operation make it a standout choice. With its dual functionality, you can effortlessly switch between regular tap and filtered water to suit your needs. 

Upgrade your kitchen with the Grohe Blue kitchen faucet Singapore and elevate your culinary experience. Experience the convenience of having filtered water directly from your Grohe kitchen faucet and enjoy the superior quality that Grohe is renowned for. 


Highlights of GROHE Blue Kitchen Faucet 

Finding it difficult to constantly buy new water, store it and end with a huge collection of bottles? Then, GROHE Blue has the perfect solution for you. According to research, GROHE kitchen faucet water is on par with bottled water. However, with their new and innovative technology, you don't have to sacrifice your need for sparkling water. Thanks to GROHE   Blue, you can now get chilled sparkling water directly from your kitchen faucet. So avoid all the bottle clutter and switch to GROHE   Blue chilled and sparkling water.

With a simple and quick installation, you can now enjoy cooled sparkling water between 6 ° C and 10 ° C, filtered from impurities directly from your GROHE Blue kitchen faucet. In addition, the GROHE Blue equipment can be installed in your sink cabinet and even in your fridge, therefore helping you save space while also adding some luxurious features to your lifestyle. 

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Using the GROHE Blue kitchen faucet will also be doing your part to save the environment. GROHE   Blue consumes 61% less CO2 compared to producing one litre of bottled water. It also helps you reduce the usage of plastic, thereby reducing plastic waste.

The water is filtered five times using BWT's unique technology, and depending on the filter used, it may also be supplemented with magnesium. During the filtration process, the natural minerals are preserved, giving you pure, soft water free of tainting toxins like lead and chlorine. This pure water from GROHE   Blue also enhances the taste of your hot beverages like tea and coffee. 

GROHE Blue is easy to use and self-explanatory; an LED ring on the handle displays the water's carbonate level. Green denotes sparkling water, whereas blue denotes still water and turquoise medium water. Additionally, the LED ring is utilised to signal when to replace the GROHE Blue filter. The display light will flash to let you know this. Depending on how hard the water is, the filter's capacity lasts up to a year. It is advised to install a water softener for really hard water.


Sleek designs and simple to use Environment friendly

Reduces use of plastic bottles

Easy installation

Chilled sparkling water right out of the faucet

Multiple designs to suit your kitchen


SilkMove technology for smooth operation and surfaces with StarLight coating

Starter kit includes: GROHE Blue cooler, CO2 bottle, S-size filters (filters are available in sizes S, M and L) and filter head

Choose from chrome or stainless-steel surfaces



Grohe Blue Duo at xTWOstore Grohe Blue Mono at xTWOstore
Grohe Blue colours at xTWOstore Grohe Blue Cooler at xTWOstore

Choose from three different variants of the GROHE Blue systems for drinking water:

Duo variant: A Single faucet is utilised for both filtered and unfiltered water in the dual type (separate waterways). The filtered and optionally bubbled water is controlled by a rotating handle on the left, while a lever handle on the right, controls the unfiltered water.

Mono variant: This version is best if you already have a preferred kitchen faucet but still want the convenience of filtered water. In addition to your current faucet, the GROHE Blue Mono faucet is installed and is only utilised to provide filtered water. It has a more straightforward style and blends in discretely with your kitchen thanks to its U-shape. All necessary parts are also included in the Blue Mono starter kit.

Pure variant: You can select the GROHE Blue Pure option if you prefer still water. Although it delivers filtered water, it doesn't have the option of sparkling water. Additionally, the mono version is enriching and provides the best flavour for those who enjoy hot beverages like tea and coffee. The pure variant like the duo and mono is available in all tap designs of GROHE Blue. All tap designs are available in both duo and mono variants of the Pure variation.

GROHE Blue also offers options for office kitchens. While Blue Home faucets are for home purposes, the Blue Professional faucet range is generally for office kitchens. They are bigger in size and come with larger filters and CO2 bottles.

There are various design alternatives available for the starter kit's included fittings. Therefore, GROHE   Blue will always match your own preferences and the design of your kitchen. For instance, the faucets come with a C, U, or L-spout (Blue Minta), while the K7 version features an angular L-spout and an additional hand shower option. The easy-to-use lever is forward-facing and has a knurled structure for easier grip.

The swivelling range of up to 180° makes operating particularly pleasant. As a result, a safe operation in daily kitchen activities is also guaranteed. No pollutants from the unfiltered water enter the drinking water thanks to the two distinct waterways for filtered and unfiltered water. Furthermore, the option of noble glass carafes and water glasses made of crystal will make your experience visually pleasing.

Stay connected via your smartphone

Our home is becoming more connected to the online world, and we use apps to operate various gadgets. The GROHE Blue system with WiFi connectivity and the Ondus App became available in April 2018 as part of this trend. This has several advantages for GROHE Blue's functioning, including push notifications when the filter or CO2 level is low, automated or manual reordering via the app, the ability to monitor consumption data, and integration with a fitness app to track your individual water consumption. Another benefit is installing the program easily using the app rather than sneaking into the closet. The reset after the replacement of new filters can be done via the app too. If you register your GROHE Blue system on the app, the brand offers you an extended warranty for another year.

The app monitors the following functions and capacities:

The capacity of the filter

CO2 capacity

Time since the last cleaning

Water temperature/p>

Stock amount of filters and cartridges (automatic or manual update)

The automatic reordering of filters and CO2 cartridges is particularly useful. When it's time for a reorder, the app immediately notifies you and records the capacity that is currently in use. To accomplish this, you need to turn on the app's automated reordering feature and choose which article it should apply to. You have three alternatives after receiving a push message: order, recall later, or do not order. Your order will be fulfilled, and the app's stock will automatically update.

Above all, you'll be happy you can syphon out water using the Ondus App if you constantly want to keep an eye on your health data. Select the water source and quantity (three preset or custom), press start, and then savour your just-tapped water. The best part is that you can effortlessly transmit the information you know about how much water you've consumed during the day to your fitness app.


Filter Capacity: change at least every once a year or when LED indicator lights up

CO2 bottle capacity: a 425 g bottle results in 70 litres of bubbled water, and a 2 kg bottle produces 350 litres; make sure to change the bottle if the pressure indicator is below 3 bars.

Reordering of filters and CO2 bottles

When you exchange your empty bottles, new CO2 bottles are replaced. Remember to order one starter kit, which has four CO2 bottles. Therefore, you will have a total of 5 bottles, including the one you receive in the starter kit. Once your four bottles are empty, order a new refill set at a lower price. Once you receive a slip from GROHE, send your empty bottles and get four full ones in exchange.

Run at least four litres of water if there is a long gap in usage of the GROHE   blue tap. If you do not use it for more than four weeks, the device needs to be cleaned with GROHE  's bio-cleaning liquid and replaced with a filter.

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