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Vero Air

DURAVIT Vero Air at xTWO


The rectangular shape of the Vero series created in 2001 is reinterpreted to draw the angles even more accurately and work the proportions to perfection by combining flat surfaces and very fine edges. This is what today's techniques allow and we would like to say to DURAVIT thanks for having been able to combine geometry and finesse so well! >>Read more

The products of the series Vero Air

Narrow bowl rims, exact angles, straight inner surfaces

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Complete bathroom composed of :

- Hand basins, furniture and wall-mounted washbasins, inset and countertop basins

- Vanity Units

- Suspended toilets and bidets

- Bathtubs and Whirlpools

Narrow bowl rims, exact angles, straight inner surfaces

The rectangular design is maintained for all products in the series

Also available with c-bonded technology

Vero Air ceramic ware matches perfectly with:

- Bathroom furniture from the Vero and L-Cube series

- Taps from the C.1 series

Vero Air Washbasins

DURAVIT Vero Air Countertop Basins at xTWOstore DURAVIT Vero Air Washbasins at xTWOstore

Vero Air washbasins impress with their flat surfaces, exact angles and fine contoured edges. They are available in a very wide range of sizes: hand basins from 38 to 50 cm widths, washbasins from 50 to 120 cm width, with a depth of 47 cm for those with a tap ledge or 38 cm without it. Single or double basins, countertop or built-in basins: there are many variations according to individual needs.

The basins can be pre-drilled for 1- or 2-hole taps, but also without tap holes for wall-mounted or countertop taps. They can be made either of standard ceramic or ceramic with Wondergliss: it provides a surface on which dirt and limescale cannot adhere. Cleaning is extremely easy!


Rectangular basic shape

Narrow bowl rims and thin walls

Optimized drain position

Universal use: they can be adapted to all bathrooms

Optionally available with WonderGliss coating

The dirt-repellent coating WonderGliss is fired into the ceramic. The surface is so smooth that dirt and limescale cannot adhere and residues simply run down the drain. Ceramics coated with WonderGliss remain smooth and clean for a long time and are therefore very easy to clean.

The C.1 fittings designed by Kurt Merki Jr. fit perfectly with all the sanitary ceramics in the Vero Air range.

Vero Air Bathroom Furniture

DURAVIT Vero Air Vanity Unit at xTWOstore DURAVIT Vero Air Bathroom Furniture at xTWOstore

Vero Air vanity units have been specially designed for use with washbasins. The barely visible transition between the ceramic and the furniture underlines the linear design. Many individual solutions are possible: the unit can be wall hung or freestanding, with an open compartment, cupboard doors or drawers and optionally with a towel rail or an integrated furniture system. The height-adjustable chromed legs provide additional stability. A total of 27 attractive furniture surfaces are available in decor, real wood, high-gloss / lacquer and matt lacquer.

DURAVIT Vero Air meuble avec la technologie c-bonded chez xTWOstore DURAVIT Vero Air meuble avec la technologie c-bonded chez xTWOstore

Vero Air c-bonded
The innovative c-bonded technology makes it possible to combine the washbasin with the vanity unit without leaving the junction visible. Manufactured with millimetre precision, the furniture starts exactly where the ceramic ends. As the geometrically precise inner shape of Vero Air is exactly picked up by the edges of the furniture, a masterpiece of purism is created. Vero Air c-bonded is available in combination with the washbasin cabinet of the L-Cube series.


DURAVIT Vero Air Countertop Basin at xTWOstore DURAVIT Vero Air Built-in Washbasins with c-bonded technology at xTWO

Vero Air WC and BIDETS

DURAVIT Vero Air Bidet chez xTWOstore DURAVIT Vero Air Toilette chez xTWOstore

The continuity of the Vero Air series is noticeable with the rectangular shape of its toilets and bidets. The DURAVIT Rimless® technology has been perfected to fit the rectangular shape of the Vero Air pan. 

The design of the DURAVIT Rimless® ensures efficient water drainage. This guarantees a perfectly hygienic washing, even with small amounts of water. The rimless rinsing system is efficient, hygienic and easy to maintain.

Thanks to elegant push buttons on the side, the ergonomic toilet seat is very easy to remove, making it easy to clean thoroughly. The Vero Air WC is optionally available with the SensoWash® Slim shower-toilet seat and the antibacterial ceramic HygieneGlaze 2.0 coating.

The HygieneGlaze 2.0 glaze inhibits the growth of bacteria permanently since its active ingredient is added to the ceramic before firing. Its antibacterial power is not only effective but also very fast: in just 24 hours, 99.999% of bacteria are killed - a level never before achieved.


Vero Air Bathtubs and Whirlpools

Vero Air bathtubs can be installed as freestanding, back-to-wall or in corners, making them look like a perfect rectangle. The Vero Air bathtub offers maximum interior space, thanks to its slim 55 mm edges. On request, they are available with the new Air system which air jets are almost invisible, LED coloured lighting and a sound module. What could be more relaxing? 


Rectangular basic shape on the outside, organic geometry on the inside

Space-saving inside due to narrow bathtub edges

En version îlot, en tablier 3 faces ou en angle

The version with two back slopes and a central drain provides comfortable seating for two

Optional: new Air whirlpool system with almost invisible floor nozzles, sound module and LED colour lighting



Vero Air ceramic ware matches fully with Vero and L-Cube series. The basic rectangular shape of the WC and bidet also harmonises perfectly with the DuraSquare series. The C.1 taps are the perfect complement to the DURAVIT design and are suitable for all modern, linear and architectural ceramic ranges.

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