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At Dornbracht, you will find high-quality fittings and accessories for the bathroom and kitchen. Be inspired by their innovative design and high quality: everything is included, from Dornbracht showers, shower systems, Dornbracht bathroom faucets to hand showers and Dornbracht shower heads to fittings for washbasins, bidets and sinks! They also offer Dornbracht parts such as toilet brush sets and towel bars, and a Dornbracht kitchen faucet. This page presents new products, highlights and promotions where you can save money. So visit this site regularly to make sure you don't miss anything!


Explore some of Dornbracht’s innovative products and design for your bathing and kitchen spaces. The products are carefully designed for the modern kitchen with contemporary finishes.Dornbracht has developed many functional and luxurious designs with unmatched technology.xTWO stores have a wide range of Dornbracht products for you to choose from. Check out this space regularly for a wide selection of Products and Promotions. >>Read more


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Choosing the proper bathroom fittings for your spaces is one of the most important things to do during new construction or renovation. Bathroom fittings will make or break your interior design output. The seamless design and functionality of the Dornbracht bathroom fittings are a perfect solution to design your spaces. Choose from a wide range of Head Showers, Hand Shower Sets, Thermostats (concealed), Floor standing Bathtub Taps, and Wall mounted Bathtub Taps.


The same goes for kitchen fixtures; it is essential to have the correct fittings to suit your needs. Choose them wisely according to your frequency of kitchen use and your daily routine. If you are looking for traditional designs, then you must choose the single lever kitchen tap; if you are looking for some added functionality, you must equip your kitchen with the single lever kitchen tap with pull-out spray. To complete the look of your kitchen, add the right accessories to improve your kitchen space and functionality.


Dornbracht was established in 1950 and had its headquarters in Iserlohn, Germany. It operates internationally and has a product range in more than 125 markets.

Quality: Dornbracht kitchen faucets is a luxury brand that represents cutting-edge technology and high standards at the factory level, "Made in Germany" with highly skilled workers and advanced production techniques.

Design: Design principles that are precisely specified ensure the sustainable aesthetics of the distinctive product designs that have brought Dornbracht international acclaim.

They plan every new concept for them starting with asking, "How can they improve life?" They hope to help you live better by using their products and ideas. They produce lasting designs that influence the future, giving every detail their undivided attention and never sacrificing perfection. As a result, they are made to improve life for years to come.


How should a fitting be created to serve its purpose and evoke emotion? They do more than making stuff. They work hard to produce products that will improve your life permanently.

To do this, they created their design philosophies with their dependable partners at Sieger Design. Every little thing matters. Thus they never sacrifice design for ease of production. The result is ageless and developed in advance of its time.

Proportion: Products made by Dornbracht shower have the ideal proportions. Each dornbracht kitchen faucet design achieves visual durability and long-lasting significance because of its precision, harmony, and balance.

Precision: Products from Dornbracht bathroom faucets are synonymous with unwavering accuracy. They boast outstanding finishes, sharp edges, and clean lines. The smallest of elements have been carefully planned.

Progressiveness: Products from Dornbracht bathroom faucets are innovative. They are created with a futuristic mindset that is receptive to fresh concepts. As a result, they are constantly monitoring architectural and interior design trends.

Personality: Products from Dornbracht shower heads are distinctive masterpieces. They always represent a stereotype or a unique personality. Their stunning design emphasizes the products' prominence, as opposed to being random and formless.

Performance: Products made by Dornbracht are performance-driven. They are constantly cutting edge and usually visionary. Products made by Dornbracht shower heads are unmatched for their efficiency in addition to their structural design and artisanship.

They shape water ​and constantly try to find new ways to release its limitless energy. As a result, it is transforming everyday routines into luxurious sources of vitality and happiness.​ In addition, they promote originality by providing endless options and even one-of-a-kind solutions to make your room a unique space. In Iserlohn, Germany, we affirm the rigorous quality by upholding them. The pursuit of quality that is as near to perfection as possible requires daily effort.

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