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xTWOstore Guide for Bathroom Accessories


Ensure you include all the necessary bathroom accessories Singapore online, as sometimes your bathroom might serve as your escape. If you are wondering Where to buy Bathroom accessories in Singapore and are also looking for the cheapest bathroom accessories Singapore online, you are in the right place. 

The bathroom is arguably the area that can be updated and changed and is also the most affordable. Yet, it is frequently disregarded and doesn't get the required furnishings that a contemporary bathroom could need.

Although it isn't the most beautiful space in the house, it is the one that both family and visitors frequent the most, so it requires some care and attention to update with new furniture and bathroom accessories Singapore online.

Therefore, we intend to assist you and provide guidance on the essential bathroom accessories Singapore online for your modern bathroom design.

Vanity cupboards with storing space: Storage space is the most essential for any household, and one of the best areas to have ample storage space is the Vanity cupboards. You can incorporate numerous racks, doors and drawers. It can be used to store towels, storage bins and ornamental elements.

Toilet Roll Holders: Toilet paper can be mounted in various places, such as wall-mounted dispensers, free standing hangers. The toilet roll holders are most commonly placed next to the toilet. Most of the holders can be mounted with two rolls of paper, so you can easily access the next one when one gets over. Although a toilet paper holder may seem like a bit of improvement to the room, it would help the bathroom look clean and well-organized.

Mirror: Adding a mirror is not only functional, but it can also enhance the elegance of your bathroom spaces; adding mirrors in the right places can make your room look bigger and reflect light into the bathroom. It might be best to install a modest storage cabinet or buy a huge bathroom mirror. You might also choose an LED mirror to make your bathroom look more fashionable and make your skincare regimen easier.

Hand soap dispenser: It is essential to maintain good hygiene standards so consider installing a good hand soap dispenser for a quick handwash after your bathroom visit. To make your bathroom look fashionable, you can also choose from xTWOstore's decorative or automatic soap dispensers. xTWOstore is renowned for providing the most significant contemporary bathroom fittings.

Soap Dish: It is vital to have a functional soap dish. This accessory is probably the most used but seldom thought about. To bring a uniform design to your bathroom space, ensure to match your soap dish with the tap and other accessories. 

Grab Rails: They are probably the most crucial accessory in your bathrooms, especially if you have senior citizens using them. It is required to place grab rails near the toilets and showers to avoid bathroom accidents. 

Towel Hooks and Towel Bars: Towel hooks and bars are other essential bathroom accessories that must be placed in the right places for us to grab after a quick shower or a long bath. They shouldn't be placed very far from your bathing spaces as it might be difficult for you to reach them, and you will make the bathroom wet. Not keeping them very close is also recommended as your towels might become damp.

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