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Kitchen Sink



The most significant feature of every house has consistently been the Kitchen. Cooking and spending quality time with friends and family occupy a large portion of valuable time in the Kitchen across the globe. And since the Kitchen is the centre of any household, having a functional sink in it is essential. Of course, you do other things in the Kitchen besides just cooking, after all. But consider this—has there ever been a day in which you didn't use your kitchen sink? In addition, kitchen sink areas are frequently used for hand washing, soaking, and cleaning equipment afterwards.

Therefore, there are some factors regarding the kitchen sink that you should be aware of while designing the layout of your Kitchen and the next question would be where to buy kitchen sink in Singapore. xTWOstore provides some of the best kitchen sink Singapore. Let's start!

Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks: In practically any house stainless steel kitchen sinks are the most often used element for Kitchen. It is lightweight, stain-resistant, and simple to mount. In addition, stainless steel kitchen sinks have several benefits, such as being reasonably priced, being free from corrosion and cracks, requiring little upkeep, and fitting with any tabletop area. We house some of the best stainless steel kitchen sinks Singapore from top brands at xTWOstore. 

Granite Sinks: After stainless-steel kitchen sinks, granite is the stone with the greatest in use. There are two varieties of this sort of sink: Granite Composite and Natural Granite.

Genuine granite is a mixture of elements that have developed organically. The many compositions have unique veins, thicknesses, and hues, each with its own beautiful nature and imperfections. Unfortunately, they are among the most costly sinks on the market and are made of purely natural granite. 

Ninety-five per cent genuine stone and 5 per cent plastic make up a granite composite sink. Despite being significantly more affordable than natural granite, composite granite is denser and more arduous. However, they are perfectly smooth, sanitary, and withstand heat, discolouration, dents, and chipping since they are created at intense pressure. We house some of the best granite kitchen sink Singapore from top brands at xTWOstore. 

Bottom Mount Sinks: Sinks positioned in the subsurface design are flush with the tabletop, giving the transition from worktop to sink an uniform appearance. No border or rim are present. This kind of sink is adaptable and goes with the majority of kitchen designs. We house some of the best bottom mount kitchen sink Singapore from top brands at xTWOstore. 

Top Mount Sinks: An edge or rim on a top mount kitchen sink secures the basin in position and produces a polished appearance. A countertop sink is referred to as a drop-in sink. It is unquestionably a fantastic option because it is simple to construct and compatible with every type of surface, regardless of how hefty. We house some of the best top mount kitchen sink Singapore from top brands at xTWOstore. 

Double Kitchen Sink: Ensure your sink's bowls are sufficient to allow for cleaning bigger things easily if you prepare food regularly and use big utensils. The main appeal is that the distinct parts make it simple to use various bowls for diverse reasons at once, such as putting filthy pans and skillets apart from fruit and vegetables while cleaning. You can choose between two bowls of identical size or bowls of varying sizes. We house some of the best double kitchen sink Singapore from top brands at xTWOstore. 

Kitchen Sinks with Drainer: The most popular sink design today is a basin with a drainboard. It provides room to dry dishes, drain veggies, and maintain the countertop neat and dry. It appears to work with any kitchen design. If you are wondering where to buy kitchen sink in Singapore, head to xTWOstore for some of the best options. 

Sophisticated Kitchen Sinks: Some of the designer sophisticated kitchen sinks add the extra wow factor required for any modern kitchen design. The sinks are made of ceramic material in shades of white and some contrast black colours. The refined glazed innovative surface technology and rectangular shapes make them desirable to any designer. xTWOstore is where to buy kitchen sink in singapore at great prices.

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