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When renovating a bathroom, especially for the first time, the amount of fittings you encounter is amazing. There are so many little components needed for a complete bathroom, many of them hidden either inside other fixtures like the bath tub plumbing, or in plain sight like the shower tray, that it’s easy for your budget to start bursting at the seams. One such small but entirely necessary fitting is the shower drain. Part of the background, they’re exactly kind of thing that you forget to buy. On the other hand, when you do consider the drain, you discover another way in which your ideal bath room can be perfected. Part of the joy of renovating and decorating is upgrading all the little extras which finish off the room. You may be surprised by the variety of stylish shower and bathroom drains that are available from designer brands, able to not only improve the drainage but also contribute to your design scheme. See what’s in store online and with a little savvy browsing, you can find some great discounts.


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Designer shower drains to accent your bathroom style

Since your new shower will need a drain anyway, why not spend a little money on a nicer, more appealing shower drain? There are some sleek, minimal options that almost completely disguise the drain’s existence, or for those looking to keep costs low, many companies produce basic drains with a touch of aesthetic attention. Shop around, especially on the internet, to find cheap drains that lend something to your design and don’t take away from the budget. The manufacturer Dresta produces bathroom drains that appeal to contemporary styles, mostly focusing on linear shapes. The Dresta Anja range is notable for subtle, satin finished grates that won’t spoil the look of your nice new shower. Dresta also produce some tileable grates in this range, to camouflage the drain completely. There’s certainly some appeal in making sure that the look of an expensive designer shower isn’t marred by the presence of a big plastic grate. On the other hand, for those saving money and happy with something more traditional but still stylish, Geberit have a lot of options. The Geberit Uniflex range, for example, features both linear and square options. They use brushed stainless steel in many models and their square grates have a mixture of pleasant, understated patterns. Geberit’s purist district grille, also in the Uniflex range, has a minimalist C pattern that will suit most design schemes. Take a look at Poresta Systems too for their almost invisible Slot S shower drain, which simply looks like a shadow at the base of the wall. This astonishing solution is very futuristic and leaves the look of the shower completely intact. The company Mepa produces some less subtle but more affordable bathroom drains with small gaps, handy if something drops from your shower tray. However you choose to solve the age old drainage issue, with a hidden solution or a simple grille, it isn’t hard to adjust your budget accordingly.

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