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Single Lever Shower Taps (exposed)

Exposed Single Lever Shower Taps That Make Installation Easier

Designer and durable shower taps for your bathroom

At xTWOstore, we offer a series of exposed single lever shower tap designs, which aims at revolutionizing the traditional shower tap designs. Hence, offering fresh shower tap designs to you. Our range of exposed single lever shower taps is a perfect blend of classy aesthetics and modern-day technology. Going by the looks, these exposed shower taps are elegant and can be “The perfect solution” for the modern baths at your place. >>Read more

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You can make your bath time a pleasure with our range of exposed single lever taps. These come with a sleek design worth including in any bathroom interior. They can give your bathroom a complete makeover at minimal costs. Staying true to their inspiration, being essential and characteristic, the element range of exposed single lever shower taps are a perfect fit for true enthusiasts of bathroom products. This range of shower taps focuses on embracing modern style, straight lines and sophisticated forms. This collection of shower taps stands out from the other ranges with its distinctive style, sharp design, and stunning symmetry.

An additional perk of exposed shower taps is their short installation time. You neither have to install any complicated plumbing lines behind the wall nor do you have to chisel your lines through. You get to have a drill-and-install shower that eases your work. Its exposed fitting also makes it easy to access the pipework and easily make the required repairs. If your place has solid brickwork, then exposed shower taps might even be a better fit. There are add-on options to further install these with either a control valve or a thermostat, as they help in water regulation. An exposed shower valve, if connected, will help control the temperature and the flow of water if it is attached to the wall. These exposed valves also manage the water pressure and the water temperature separately. This further allows you to determine your preferred shower temperature and pressure. Thus, providing you with a more comfortable and personalized bathing experience.

Choose From A Range of Easily Installable Exposed Shower Taps

Simple and Guided DIY Installations for each product

When it comes to buying an exposed shower tap, you can count on this segment of xTWOstore’s extensive product line. The top colors in this collection include Chrome, Brushed cool sunrise, Brushed hard graphite, Brushed nickel, Brushed warm sunset, Cool sunrise, Hard graphite, Nickel, Supersteel, Warm sunset, Chrome / moon white, Brushed nickel, Matt black, Black matt, Chrome / gold, Chrome-plated, and Platinum matt. With such an in-depth variety of color choices, you get to make an absolute choice of shower tap that perfectly matches your bathroom interiors, tiles, and/or furniture. You also get to choose from a series of manufacturers.

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