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The bathtub is a valuable component of your personal wellness area. After a busy day, you can return to inner balance by soaking in a spacious bathtub, leaving you with a wonderful feeling of harmony afterward. Moreover, an elegant bathtub can serve both stylistic and functional purposes, and its design can significantly affect the atmosphere of a bathroom. There are so many styles available when it comes to bathtub Singapore.

At xTWOstore.sg, you will find a great selection of bathtubs such as freestanding bathtubs, corner bathtubs, asymmetrical bathtubs or bathtubs with showers. Elegant, comfortable and designer, the bathtub Singapore collection at xTWOstore is immensely impressive. Scroll through this page to explore a wide range of bathtub designs, available for both small and large bathroom settings. We also present offers and discounts from time to time so that you can enjoy saving while shopping. >>Read more


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xTWOstore’s bathtub Singapore line offers a unique and rich variety of bathtubs that are high in quality, stylish, great in material and offer value for money. These bathtubs are designed keeping in mind every bathroom requirement and the universal outlook to the size of the bathrooms. Perfectly coordinated, with skilled workmanship and innovative designs, these bathtub price Singapore are also affordable and promises a long-lasting adornment to your bathing space. 

Our bathtub Singapore range are available as:

  • Freestanding Bathtubs

Freestanding bathtubs are your personal oasis to relax. Your favourite book, some soothing music, and your freestanding bathtub. That's it! Freestanding bathtubs have a personality of their own and can enhance the look and feel of any ordinary bathing space. 

We carry freestanding bathtubs in different shapes and styles - oval shaped ones such as Duravit Starck, the stylish whirlbath kind such as the Duravit Cape Cod, curved yet controlled; the Ideal Standard DEA, the ultra-slim and elegant Villeroy & Boch Finion freestanding bathtub, or this perfectly styled Villeroy & Boch Antheus

Freestanding bathtubs are flexible when it comes to styling. They have a distinct style and an impressive vintage touch that can bring any bathing space to life. 

  • Corner Bathtubs

Corner bathtubs provide you the equal amount of comfort and scope to relax that a whirlpool can offer. If you want to enhance the look of your small bathroom and enjoy the luxury of a bathtub, a corner bath is all you need.

We carry an extensive collection of corner baths that are not just attractive to look at but respect the space you have in the bathroom. These corner baths are available in different sizes such as the Geberit Renova, Duravit Paiova, Duravit Paiova 5, Duravit Darling New, Villeroy & Boch Squaro, Duravit Luv, or Duravit Happy D.2.

  • Rectangular Bathtubs

A classic favourite, rectangular bathtubs are one of the oldest styles of bathtubs used even today. These are available in both smaller and larger sizes. If you are looking for a small bathtub in Singapore, you can definitely go with the BETTE range of rectangular bathtubs. xTWOstore has a wide range of rectangular bathtubs in different sizes. 

  • Asymmetrical Bathtubs

Due to its stylish appearance, an asymmetrical bathtub can be a nice addition to the bathroom - it beautifies the overall appearance of the bathroom. Asymmetrical bathtubs are a wonderful choice when you lack space in your bathroom. As they are designed to be placed on the corner, they do not have the same length and width as that of a corner bathtub. It is in fact somewhere between a rectangular and a corner bathtub. 

xTWOstore.sg boasts of its enormous collection of asymmetrical bathtubs such as the roomsaving Ideal Standard HOTLINE NEU, Geberit Renova or the BETTE Starlet range of asymmetrical bathtubs. 

  • Oval Bathtubs

An elegant fixture to your modern, traditional or contemporary bathroom, the oval bathtubs offer a sense of comfort, safety, and pleasure. It is infact one of the most popular styles of bathtubs. You’ll find them recessed, built-in or freestanding style. 

Our beautiful collection of oval bathtubs such as Duravit Luv, Villeroy & Boch Loop & Friends, BETTE Lux, and Villeroy & Boch AVEO

  • Hexagonal Bathtubs

A great way to embellish your bathroom, the hexagonal bathtub Singapore is again a beautiful bathroom element in itself. Hexagonal bathtubs act as a trendy fixture for any bathroom layout and we have an exclusive collection for you. You can check out the Duravit D-Code bathtub for a unique combination of hexagonal and oval style, BETTE BetteMetric for luxury and comfort, Ideal Standard Connect Air, and Villeroy & Boch Squaro bathtubs. 

  • Bathtubs with Shower Zone

One of the innovative ways to bring in the comfort of a bathtub and the flexibility of a shower into your bathroom, the bathtub with shower zone collection is a splendid addition to your bathing space. It unites the several features and functions into one setting with one major advantage - even small bathrooms can have it installed. 

Duravit bathtub with shower zone, BETTE Betteset, and Ideal Standard ConnectAir are some of the amazing collections of bathtubs with shower zones that you can check out at xTWOstore.sg.

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