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Nowadays you can’t think of bathroom culture without thinking of showers – refreshing in the morning, relaxing after work in the evening. By far most apartments and houses have a separate shower cabin. However, the bathtub can usually be used as well for taking a shower, but it does require proper equipment. Just add a shower curtain or partition and a shower set with hand shower plus hose and you can start having a good time. Let`s not forget, the daily shower ritual´s purpose is not only care of health, but also relaxation and quality of life. Learn more.


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Buy showers, shower heads and applicable fittings online offered for a bargain price – discover the opportunities of modern bathroom design together with xTWO

The trend is currently set around flat shower trays and so called walk-in showers. Those are particularly comfortable, easy to access and thus perfectly suited for barrier-free bathrooms. The usage of a shower tray is recommended nonetheless for the barrier-free experience, since the water itself can drain off more easily and the cleansing is causing significantly less trouble compared to showers with tiled floor. Natural shades are dominating in regards to color design. Light-colored tiles make the bathroom shine in a more bright and friendly light, a walk-in shower visually enhances the size of the room immensely. Alternatively, white colored bathroom equipment is a timeless classic, that can be combined elegantly with other shades of color. Buy comfortable online for particularly attractive prices and grant your bathroom a touch of glamour. We can serve with adequate systems for old and newly built houses, flush- or on-wall mounted. With xTWO you can find various shower sets, complete shower systems, modern rain showers, appropriate attachments and much more, just take a look at our goods.

Spot-on shower systems for your bathroom at the xTWO online shop

Shower heads are generally available in numerous shapes and sizes. We offer models with round, square or rectangular heads as well as long drawn-out hand showers, which stand out due to their slim layout. Oftentimes the water jet can be regulated via adjustable spray options. The final choice of product depends largely on how a bathroom is set up and personal preference. Shower pipes consist of head and hand shower as well as flexible the shower hose. The hand shower holder is adjustable in height to adapt to body size. The most natural shower feeling is usually accomplished by investing into a rain shower, with large size shower heads being provided. These exclusive shower heads and shower systems enjoy increasing popularity and enhance the status of your bathroom; obtainable in oval and square formats. Due to air being blended into the water drops showering suddenly feels like experiencing a suave and warm rain shower. It´s a safe bet to say, you probably won’t stop showering for quite a while.

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