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Hand Shower Sets

Steinberg Hand Shower Sets at xTWO

Hand Shower Sets- Convenience and Comfort at Its Best

Hassle-free and Easy Installations

Showers are a routine thing for people and routines are best when they are hassle-free. You can make this routine task more fun with the use of a hand shower set. Hand shower sets are an eye-catching addition to your bathroom which also provide ease of usage during baths. A hand shower set is easy to install, increases convenience and caters to all your bathing needs. >>Read more


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For example, if you want to make the best use of a hand shower set, install it at about an arm’s length away. Then, you will be able to use it to reach every part of your body. You can install it as either a freestanding unit or clip it with the use of a freely extended shower set. Either of them provides the ability to reach every part of your body, from your nape to all the way down to your feet.

Our range of hand shower sets comes from the top manufactures of the industry, some of whom have been working for more than a century. Not to say, the quality, built, and finish of our shower sets is impeccable and unmatchable. The range of manufacturers for these hand shower sets include Dornbracht, GROHE, Hansgrohe,Ideal Standard, Steinberg, and Villeroy & Boch by Dornbracht.

Hand Shower Sets– Designed for Perfection

Engineered for User-Friendliness and Convenience

Getting hand shower sets for your bathroom is the key to getting a relaxing bathing experience during your baths. The top ranges that we offer at xTWOstore include Grohe showers, Hansgrohe hand showers, the Hansgrohe Raindance, and more. A few other distinguished series of our hand shower sets include Croma 100, Croma Select E, Croma Select S, Crometta, Cult, Euphoria Cosmopolitan, Euphoria Cube, Grandera, Idealrain Evo Jet, Idealrain Evo, Idealrain M1, Idealrain M3, Idealrain S1, Idealrain S3, L'Aura, Rainshower SmartActive, Rainshower Solo, Raindance Select E, Raindance Select S, Raindance Select, Symetrics, Series 100, Series 120, Series 135, Series 160, Series 170, Series 200, Series 230, Subway, and Tempesta 100. As an addition, our hand shower range offers you a blend of the latest design trends added with extraordinary efficiency and user-convenience. This is done using state-of-the-art eco-compatible solutions. These shower sets promote efficient water usage during showers as they are designed to ensure the least consumption of water while providing maximum comfort and convenience. The installation, too, is fairly simple, and you can easily replace your existing showerhead or hand shower without the assistance of a plumber by simply applying DIY instructions with the product.

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