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Transform your bathroom into a chic and contemporary space with Alape toilet sinks. With the perfect blend of designs and durability, Alape's range of basins Singapore is the best choice you will be making for your new home. The UB and Unisono series of basins Singapore offer a stylish addition to your bathrooms. Alape makes the promise of German quality at the most affordable prices. Enjoy a luxurious wash basin with the utmost comfort from the Alape collection. Shop from a wide range of shapes, sizes and designs now on the xTWOstore.

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Why choose Alape?

Born in Germany in 1896, the products manufactured by Alape are a result of mastered craftsmanship. With a smooth blend of manual manufacture and automated sub-processes, Alape creates designs with high market value. Their products fit every lifestyle at affordable prices and guaranteed quality. Mirrors and toilet sinks have been their areas of expertise for over 120 years, with the ever-changing technology and uncompromised craftsmanship.

Why choose any other brand when one can get the best quality, craftsmanship, durability, and style, all at an affordable price? Go for the expert and enjoy every morning with comfort with the all-new Alape toilet sinks.

Features of Alape basins Singapore

1. Total Comfort

The Alape bathroom sink has a distinctive design that goes above and beyond simple comfort. Additionally, it is designed to fit seamlessly in your bathroom. The basin toilet is easy to fix and extremely easy to clean, making your life simple.

2. Impressive Design

In addition to being comfortable, the Alape wash basin is designed to blend in with your bathroom without standing out. Regardless of the size or layout of your bathroom, Alape has meticulously developed a sink bathroom for you with precision to ensure that everything looks exactly right.

3. Easy Installation

Installation is quick and simple, which is another one of the distinctive advantages of basin Singapore. Why put yourself through the hassle of making lengthy visits in search of the ideal wash basin, and take another week to install it? Shop the Alape wash basin range on the xTWOstore online, and enjoy a seamless installation within a day.

4. Anti-Germ Finish

Alape's basin Singapore is unique as it protects against germs with an anti-germ coating. The German company genuinely cares about your health and always makes home and work hygiene a top priority. Having sanitised and clean bathroom sinks will help ensure your immunity to the germs and viruses that frequently afflict our planet.

5. A touch of luxury at an affordable price

The aesthetics offered by Alape are ideal for a luxurious bathroom. Their extensive selection of toilet sinks is available in many colours, shapes and sizes to suit every layout. Add a touch of luxury to your new home without worrying about the prices. Alape basins Singapore are available on the xTWOstore at the most affordable prices. Shop here now.

How to keep your basin toilet clean?

The most common choice made while shopping bathroom sinks is choosing a bright white sink toilet. While a white wash basin adds to the aesthetic design of the bathroom, it also often can get stained if not maintained accurately. Ensure to follow these steps to enjoy a clean white wash basin every morning.

  1. Close the drain before washing the sink to ensure an even spread of washing liquid.
  2. Use soft cleaning liquids with a sponge to regularly clean the sink toilet. Avoid harsh cleaning materials, as they might leave scratches.
  3. After draining the liquid, wash away excess water with a soft cloth to remove any stains.

Before you make the right choice for your new home, browse the entire Alape wash basin collection on the xTWOstore and choose the perfect one for your new home.

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